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Default Re: Randy Moss To The Patriots?

Originally Posted by Livinginthe past View Post
95% of fans are pumped about the acquisition.

what i find conspicuously odd is the lemming like approach of those 95% of patfans. last year they wouldve been vehemently opposed to such a move. yet as soon as the deal has been struck it turns into another brilliant stroke of genius by pioli and belichick. what is odd is that his services are actually needed less this year than it was last with the upgrades to the passing game with stallworth.

and on the flipside is the steelerfans who act like its a sin for even mentionning bringing moss in. even colbert admitted it was never even a consideration. like i said before, the patriots dont sweat it much if their players smoke pot or were busted on roids in the past (im all for 2nd chances). steelerfans seem like they would rather lose and be "classy".

what gets me is this false image the media portrays of the patriots always targetting "character" and "team" guys. its really a false misrepresentation. the patriots are like the bengals in many regards. they will take the players they feel has the best shot of leading them to wins, regardless. the only difference is the pats always gamble "smart" and their risks have generally paid off. they also have the leadership from the top that allows that.

i think moss has a chance to revive his career with the pats, which is why i started this thread in the 1st place. if he were going to the bengals i would simply laugh and expext the same downward production he found with the raiders.

and while i was off on what the pats shoulda traded for him last season, i really wasnt too far off. the pats traded the 1st from seattle to sf, traded their 2nd to miami, and dont have cassell in their plans anytime soon. all were pretty much disposable pieces. the pats did well by holding off, although i believe they probably woulda had homefield advantage and another sb berth with moss last year.
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