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Default Re: Randy Moss To The Patriots?

the pats have crated a perfect situation. for less money than branch alone they have bought 2 better wr's with significantly more talent and upside who will both be playing for not only a champ but for a job.

you can say they havent even cashed in on the seattle pick yet. they used #24 on merriweather but it gave them the liberty to use #28 on moss AND secure what is likely to be an even higher 1st round pick next year. before tall the free agent signings on free agent wr's there was speculation the pats would use one of their 1st rounders on a wr anyways.

there is definitely a starting job open with the pats, and it should motivate all the wr's to try and play even harder. whoever wins it will be better than branch (glorified givens/patten) and will be paid. i look at moss sticking with the pats, just like t.o. has stuck with the cowboys (despite any minor distractions or problems) the pats would be giddy if they get last years t.o. production out of moss.

if the pats win 4 in 7 years, i think they got to be considered a dynasty just like the steelers or 49ers, but not a greater dynasty.

steelers still got the greatest football dynasty sewn up.
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