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Default Re: Randy Moss To The Patriots?

Originally Posted by Counselor View Post
Anyone read this article by Michael Silver on SI yet? I'd love to hear people's thoughts---especially you LITP.
despite the obvious venom silver has for moss, i thouroughly enjoyed the mud that was rightfully slung on the pats. he was spot on, and its refreshing to see even ex-patriot players agree with what ive been saying since 2002 about the pats and the false perception of them being such a "classy" franchise:

It's hard to picture Moss not being motivated to be a good soldier in New England. If he shuts up and focuses and works hard for the next nine months, he may well end up celebrating a career resurrection, enjoying the fat contract that inevitably will follow and being re-branded as a champion who restored the Patriots' winning aura. If so, everyone will say and write that the Pats, because of their emphasis on character and integrity, were able to bring out the best in Moss, who was really just a misunderstood warrior all along.

And that, of course, will be complete and utter crap.

"I'm not mad that they did this," the former Patriots player said. "I'm mad that for all these years, when everyone wrote that their values were different, they ate it up. They're no different than anyone else, and they never were. We had a run, and the rest is just propaganda.

"I bought into all that stuff about the 'Patriot Way,' and then when I went to [a new team], I was blown away by how loudly guys outside of the organization shot it down. They'd say, 'You guys don't do s--- different -- you've just got Tom Brady.' I argued with them at first, but looking back, there was no lower percentage of jackasses there than on any other team. Some of the guys they drafted, even in early rounds, were selfish and unreliable and horrible to have around."
the biggest thing i have always disliked about the patriots (and why i dont slobber all over them) is the inferiority complex theyve always shown about "the lack of respect". this led to the inventions and propoganda sivler comments on about it not being enough for them to win 3 sb's in 4 years. they had to be the "classiest" ones to do it. or they had to be "the greatest dynasty of all time. most football diehards see right through this. as does former patriot players themselves.

the best lines of the whole article?-

Either way, can we all agree to put away the harps and halos when we celebrate the Patriots' imminent triumphs?

As the former Pats player concluded, "When we were winning championships, it wasn't just that we were good -- it had to be that we were smarter, more principled and more virtuous than everybody else. And now that I've thought it through, I don't understand why. Look, they have a great owner and a brilliant coach; they evaluate players well, and they have Tom Brady. Why can't that be enough?"

From now on, it'll have to be.
whats funny is theres plenty of players this unnamed source can be. i wouldnt be supprised if it was some of their biggest stars such as milloy, vinatieri, law, branch. im leaning towards vinatieri.
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