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Default Re: Prayers for Rege

Thank you all for your continued prayers. I went down to the hospital to see Rege last night and when I held his hand and started talking to him, I felt his hand move, but that could have been an involuntary muscle reaction, though you never know. It was so, so sad to see this once vibrant, happy and strong man laying there on life support. I tried so hard not to cry, but I couldn't help it. From talking with his brother and parents, the doctors are not optimistic at this point because Rege still has no brain activity and the entire frontal lobe of his brain is swollen. The only positive here is that all of the rest of his organs are working fine, so we're all hoping that the swelling in his brain goes down and he comes out of his coma soon. His brother told me that even if he does come out of it, the doctors have told his family that Rege will still have brain damage from his oxygen being cut off, though at this point, no one knows how severe the damage will be.

I believe in miracles and I'm asking God every night to please save one for Rege.

Thank you all again.

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