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Default Re: Dolphins reaction to Ted Ginn pick.

Originally Posted by stlrtruck View Post
Now I'm sitting here after watching the video and thinking....Monday nighter, November 26 in Da ' all those who have seen the Sepulveda punt and tackle video and have a good imagination...picture this play...

The Steelers from their own 25 punt - Sepulveda nails a beauty of a punt, inside the 15 and Ginn, Jr. makes a grab at it. He gets past the first wave of would be tacklers - spinng, juking, and stiff arming...then as he reaches the open field at the 22, he makes one last juke and as he spins back to the inside Sepulveda lays him flat, knocks the ball lose, picks it up and returns it for a TD!!

Sepulveda then takes off his jersey to reveal a tattoo of the Superman emblem on his chest!!!!

I would love to see that.But I would feel bad for my boy Ted Ginn Jr.

Congrats to the 2009 Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins
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