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Default Re: Dolphins reaction to Ted Ginn pick.

Originally Posted by RoethlisBURGHer View Post
Tony,I don't think it was so much as them seeing through Weiss' hype machine.

After Miami,nobody really needed a QB intil KC.KC would have probally taken Quinn,and if they didn't Baltimore would have.
KC and the ravens wouldve definitely taken him. but they, like all other teams before them, already have their qb's in place.
the browns have c. frye so they needed a qb about as bad as the redskins, vikings, dolphins, texans, bills, rams, packers, jaguars, cowboys...etc.

if quinn was everything as advertised (manning/brady), the only teams that could really afford to pass on him were the falcons, steelers, bengals, and giants. the fact that a team like the jaguars passed on him show they feel he is no better than leftwich or gerrard. thats not saying much, cause if he was rated in the top 5 on their boards it would be retarded to pass on him 15-20. (chargers didnt pass on rivers when they had drew brees and thats because rivers is simply a better pro prospect than quinn)
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