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Default Re: Ben Injury thread...First one to find out his status, post it up here!

Originally Posted by Steelersfan
What are you smoking? That wasn't a dirty hit. The D-lineman fell and Ben stepped into his throw is all that happened. It was far from dirty.
Figg I won't go as far to say the hit was dirty, but it definately should have been a penelty. You can not hit a qb below the knees like that. Right now though, it makes no diference, we got past this game and we have to move on and pray that it is nothing serious. We are a team that can fight injury and we should be fine!!! Like everyone that doubts ben has said...."ANYONE THAT WERE TO PLAY QB ON THE STEELERS WOULD HAVE SUCEEDED WITH THAT TYPE OF TEAM....well folks....nothing has changed (that is except for the emergence of one more threat...FAST WILLIE!!!!
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