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Default Re: Dolphins reaction to Ted Ginn pick.

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
KC and the ravens wouldve definitely taken him. but they, like all other teams before them, already have their qb's in place.
the browns have c. frye so they needed a qb about as bad as the redskins, vikings, dolphins, texans, bills, rams, packers, jaguars, cowboys...etc.

if quinn was everything as advertised (manning/brady), the only teams that could really afford to pass on him were the falcons, steelers, bengals, and giants. the fact that a team like the jaguars passed on him show they feel he is no better than leftwich or gerrard. thats not saying much, cause if he was rated in the top 5 on their boards it would be retarded to pass on him 15-20. (chargers didnt pass on rivers when they had drew brees and thats because rivers is simply a better pro prospect than quinn)
Redskins- The have that Campbell kid out of Auburn that they drafted in the first round the other year,and he played well last year when the finally played him.

Vikings- Drafted Tavaris Jackson in the second round the other year and they hope he will become the franchise QB.

Dolphins- Complete idiots,unless they know a deal for Trent Green will be going through in the immediate future (before TC).

Texans- Just traded for Matt Shuab who has the same amount of boom or bust possibility as Quinn.His first chance to be a starter will show if he he will boom or bust.

Bills- LP Losman is thier starting QB,a first round pick,and played well last year.

Rams- Why would they draft Quinn when they have Marc Bulger starting at QB?

Packers- Favre is still playing and they drafted Aaron Rodgers in the first round two years back to groom as his replacement...once again,no need for Quinn.

Jaguars- QB wasn't a need,or at least a first-round need.Leftwich is a good QB and Garrard was set to be the starter until the coaching change that brought Del Rio in as HC.

Cowboys- Um,they have Tony Romo playing QB.After last year,they obviously have lots of faith in him,so why would they be drafting a QB in round one?

And why didn't the Browns take Quinn at #3 instead of Joe Thomas?Because the team has been through the high-picked QB who played with no offensive line in front of him (Tim Couch).Without a franchise LT protecting him,Quinn would end up no better than Frye or Couch.So why waste the pick and all that money on a QB when he's just gonna get pounded,that is the way the Browns were looking at it.

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