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Default Re: Dolphins reaction to Ted Ginn pick.

Originally Posted by Livinginthe past View Post
I don't think all those teams passed on Quinn because they didn't think he had the potential to be a very good NFL QB - its simply that they had other more pressing needs to spend a 1st round draft pick on.

I also don't really see how 'and the Browns have Charlie Frye' makes any sense when applied to another teams pick - since when did the Browns become the franchise on which other teams modelled their draft strategy?

you mean like a special teams kick returner with the 9th pick over all?

i look at the vikings, redskins qb and c. frye as about the same, with the same potential upside (if you gave all three qb's the protection and weapons of say the colts, theres really no telling who would wind up being the better prospect. teams like san diego or denver didnt let a franchise qb pass by them just because it wasnt an immediate need. did the vikings really need a rb with the 7th pick? but he was the highest rated player on their board and they couldnt pass him up.

quinn was no more of a "need" to the browns than he was to alot of teams. he was a "want". they wanted him more than they needed him. i take a step back when i hear phil savage say "brady quinn had 2 dreams in becoming a pro. 1) to be the number one pick over all, and 2) to play in cleveland. i didnt want to see his heart broke twice.

c. weiss gave a valiant effort but the hype came off like that of a used car salesman. what he said appearntly just didnt match what the film showed. the proof is in the pudding... if he was as advertised so many teams would not have passed on him.

you know what they call a qb with all the physicals, study skills, and intelligence, but lacks accuracy? ..."coach"

im not saying hes gonna be the next jason garrett or gary kubiak. but i am saying matt schaub held more value than quinn in this years draft. dallas believing romo is more of the franchise than quinn tells me alot.
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