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Default Re: Braylon Edwards: Browns better than Steelers

Originally Posted by Edman View Post

Also says "Year of the Steelers is over" And of course, Brownie fans are getting giddy over it.

Looks like we have another Carson Palmer on our hands. Confidence is one thing, but at least show show respect. Especially if your opponent has swept you and finished ahead of you 3 years in a row. You don't hear the Steelers go around saying "We're better than so-and-so" to the Ratbirds or Bungles do you? Whatever.

Lets do a comparison as to who is more productive

QB: Roethlisberger vs Frye

2005: 98.6 passer rating...14 wins 5 loses..(Superbowl Title)
2006: 75.4 passer rating....8 wins 8 loses

2005: 72.8 passer rating...2 wins 4 loses
2006: 72.0 passer rating...5 wins 11 loses

Favor: Steelers

WR: Ward vs Edwards

Hines Ward:
2005= 975 yards 11TDs
2006= 975 yards 6 TD's

Braylon Edwards:
2005= 512 yards 3 TDs
2006= 884 yards 6 TD's

Favor: Steelers

Do we really want to compare ourt RB stats ...(Parker vs Droughns...or for that matter...Parker vs Lewis)...our total offence vs theirs....out total defense against theirs????
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