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Default Rank your top 10 current NFL RBS ;)

I see these for QBs all the time on forums (case in point, there’s one now in this very board), but rarely if ever have I seen one for my position, running back.

1. Ladainian Tomlinson, No question, anyone who doesn't have him as their number one back has no clue what they are talking about.

2. Larry Johnson, I think most would agree that Larry Johnson is a solid 2 behind LT.

(It now gets extremely hard)

3. Shaun Alexander, Bad year last year, but I don't think what he has done in the past can be over looked.

4. Willie Parker, Some people around here may call me crazy, but believe it or not, Parkers national perception is VERY good.

5. Frank Gore, was once on the depth chart about Clinton Portis and Willis McGahee at Miami U.

6. Steven Jackson, Has both power and speed as well as good receiving skills.

7. Warrick Dunn, He has always been over looked, despite his size; he is one of the best inside runners in the game for Atlanta.

8. Brian Westbrook, Had a career year in 06 and if Andy Reid doesn't go back to the 70 yard bomb, 7 step drops, trigger happy coach he has always been, he will continue to thrive.

9. Edgerrin James, Like Alexander, had a bad 06, but I don't think you can look past his history without putting him up here.

10. Rudi Johnson, a great power back when used correctly.

I believe that the top ten running back lists will vary a great deal more than the QB one did... I think that after LT and LJ you could honestly put the other eight along with a few others like Cadillac Williams, Portis, McGahee and Deuce McAllister at three.

I also didn’t include injured/unsure status backs such as Curtis Martin or Priest Holmes in because no one really knows what they are planning to do… To qoute Tony Gonzolez "Where is Priest Holmes?"

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