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Default McNair arrested as passenger in DUI case
Quote: wire reports

NASHVILLE, Tennessee (May 10, 2007) -- Baltimore Ravens quarterback Steve McNair was arrested early Thursday and charged with being the owner of a vehicle operated by a drunken driver.

The former Tennessee Titans player was a passenger in his silver pickup truck, police said.

Police said a copy of the arrest report wouldn't be available until later in the day but confirmed McNair was arrested and booked into jail about 3 a.m.

McNair was arrested under a misdemeanor statute that charges the owner if an intoxicated person is allowed to drive a vehicle. Under the law, it doesn't matter if McNair was drinking, only if the driver was impaired, police said.

The driver, whose identity wasn't immediately available, was stopped because the truck was speeding, police said.

"We are aware of the situation, but we're getting most of our information from the media," Ravens spokesman Chad Steele said Thursday. "We've not spoken with Steve, so we're not sure at this time if we will have a statement."

McNair declined to comment when he was released from custody. He was accompanied by a friend, nightclub owner Robert "Big Daddy" Gaddy.

McNair was arrested in downtown Nashville in May 2003 and charged with DUI and illegal gun possession. After a year of legal wrangling, a judge dismissed those charges, ruling police didn't have sufficient reason to pull over McNair in the first place.
i wonder if the commish is gonna dismiss these charges? probably so because mcnair is a star.

the law seems strange that you can get a dui for not even driving. but it seems to hold one culpable if they hand over their keys to a drunk.

i heard on the radio it was his brother in law, whom refused to take a breathalizer. the law also states that if the driver refuses the sobriety test EVERY passenger can get a ticket for dui.

pretty much, if theirs a sober passenger in the car, they better be the one driving.

seems to me like mcnair and his brother in law were out drinking and the brother in law was the "less drunk" of the 2 or the one "more sober" to drive.

i cant wait to hear the whitewashing and spin that mcnair was doing the "responsible" thing.
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