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Default Re: McNair arrested as passenger in DUI case

Originally Posted by Buzz05 View Post
McNair was dumb for handing over his keys to his brother in law yes. But even so, McNair already has a DUI from 2003 when he was arrested for drunk driving and an illegal weapons charge. Depending on the statute of limitations in the new player conduct policy I wonder if Goodell can punish him some how. This could be his second offense with alcohol. Besides if Goodell wants to be taken seriously with this new policy he will have to do something and not just sit back on one of his 'stars'


I didn't remember that.

Yeah.. enough is enough. Do I think he deserves a year's suspension? No. 3 or 4 games, plus a buttload of fines? Absolutely.

Heck... I'd have no problem with a Zero-tolerance policy for Alcohol. If you wanna drink, do it at home or take a cab. You get busted for public drunkeness... You lose playing time. Get caught drunk driving... or turning keys over to a drunk driver, you lose MORE playing time and BIGGER fines.

This is Goodell's moment of truth. Here is a situation that, if he plays, could cause a team to go to the SB. If he doesn't, the team may end up in 3rd place in thier division.

Alright Goodell... Let's see what nature gave you... A Spine of an Oak tree, or a spine of a French politician.
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