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Default Re: attempted puppy murder (Warning: disturbing photo)

Originally Posted by Counselor View Post
I'm an animal lover and truly want to see these kids punished. But this is also disturbing because of the "slippery slope" effect. Today this cruel behaviour is OK because its "just a dog" Tomorrow its OK because its "just a homeless person" . . . Oh wait that's today too. read this story:
thanks for the link, which helps to perfectly express my concern. im sure this 10 year old has killed a dog or 2.

this story in my town could with the pup could easilly be like the case in england about 10 years ago where the 2 kids lured a toddler away from the shopping mall to the train tracks and killed him for fun.

unfortunately punishing kids for something they might do is unconstitutional, and current rehab efforts are a complete joke.

i guess we just roll with the punches and accept it as part of the world we live in today.
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