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Default Re: Ricky Williams Tests Positive For Pot Again

Definitely a shocker. Ricky was doing good, and hadn't tested positive for weed for a long time. I guess the desire to get high outweighed the desire to play NFL Football. His choice, his life. Some things said earlier in this thread: Ricky WON'T be accepted into the CFL this year, or maybe ever again. He can apply for reinstatement in to the NFL in Sep. but it's highly unlikely the Dolphins will accept him back, considering the "character" word being used a lot by Cam Cameron, and also because the position was addressed in the draft, before this last failed test. So, for those predicting that Miami's season is over, or that we will be in the "middle", the prediction really has no basis. The Steelers have gone through as much change, in personnel and players, as have the Fins this offseason. Nobody's future is certain, though the Steelers have higher expecatations coming off a SB win 2 years ago, and not making the playoffs the year after. And Lambert's, don't you have something better to do than pull up old posts from last month? Shouldn't u be fighting crime, serving and protecting? Apparently I was wrong, I can concede that. At the time I wrote that, Ricky had been clean off weed for at least 2 years. Things do change and happen. I had faith in Ricky, so excuse me for believing that he could turn himself around. (At the time you were comparing him to Woody Harrelson, which was ridiculous.) Anyway, I still think Ricky's talented, but obviously doesn't have the discipline to abide by the NFL's strict drug policy. Could be his "disease" social anxiety disorder, could not. But when he said he was "happy" to be retiring from football in 2004, I don't think he was lying.
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