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Default Re: NEED HELP

I'd love to have a signature and avatar made by you! Your work is fantastic.

I've always loved Jack Lambert. I think he is my all time favorite Steeler. He played tough, smart and intimidating football. Yeah... He's my favorite. :)

I have been admiring your current signature and avatar. It's a very good looking set. I was going to ask you if you could make me one like your current signature. I would not use it here though, but I would use it on some other forums I frequent.

Hmmm... I just tried scanning in a picture from the book. It didn't turn out very well. Have a look.

I am using a rather old scanner though. It's 7+ years old.

EDIT:: I scanned in a second one using the scanner in gray scale mode. It turned out a little better I think.

Here's the same pic scanned in color mode.
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