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Default Re: Ricky Williams Tests Positive For Pot Again

Originally Posted by polamalufan43 View Post
Wow, I actually feel sorry for him...
Like, he could have had a decent life but he wasted on drugs and crap...
I think a lot of people look at it that way, but having seen this ordeal, watching it unfold, I think Ricky is happy, NOT playing football, as it has become obligatory to him. He knew this would show up. Did he care? What we view as a "decent" life, he could totally disagree with and see as an "indecent" life. He really was used as a proverbial battering ram during those Wannstedt years, (Ricky WAS the offense at one point) and I think it took a toll on his mind and body, and didn't respond as well to carrying the load as say "The Bus". He's been on drugs for a long time, both prescription and illicit, and supposedly has SocialAnxietyDisorder, so i dont know how "decent" his life can be.
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