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Default Re: Pro Athletes Above The Law?

As Jeremy says, pro athletes develop an extraordinary sense of entitlement from adolescence on as they are idolized by their peers and fawned over by coaches and college boosters prior to unimaginable wealth being acquired as they are just out of their teens. It is the enablers that create the problem.

However, while they can afford high priced legal talent (and that is what makes all the difference in the American judicial system) to deal with their legal difficulties, I think it is their wealth more than their celebrity that allows them to buy their way out of problems. Same situation as a low life like Paris Hilton being held accountable only long after any of us would have been put in the slammer.

In fact, given that non-federal prosecutors are usually elected, in some cases an athlete can be prosecuted to score political points when a non-jock might be left alone - just ask the Duke lacrosse team (in which case the players fortunately had the $$ to beat the DA into a bloody pulp, which gets back to the U.S. judicial system being the best one $$ can buy).

Bottom line is that money doesn't talk in this society - it screams. Arrogant pro athletes are just one reflection of that situation.
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