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Default Re: Pro Athletes Above The Law?

Originally Posted by Jeremy View Post
How many of you have been friends with really high level athletes? In high school, I ran with some of the better athletes in our school. The type of kids who had colleges calling every day and had coaches in the stands for all their games. So I can say that this kind of behavior from them doesn't really surprise me. As a matter of fact, I've more than come to accept it as the way things are. An athlete is cheating on his wife? So what. I knew an offensive lineman who was nailing someone else's girlfriend the entire summer before our senior year. An athlete gets out of a DUI? So what. I knew a guy who got busted for underage DUI and it was swept under the rug.

These men (and some women) don't occupy the same space most people do. Their lives are different, they're privileged. Don't hate them for what they have and what they can get away with. Hate yourselves for allowing it to come to this. Every time you buy a hat with the NFL logo on it, you're saying it's ok that the league has thugs and scumbags. Everytime you watch a game, you say it's ok for Pacman Jones to be in a strip club at 3 AM. Everytime you go see a game in person, you're saying it's ok for Mike Vick to have dog fights at his house.

We're as much to blame in all of this as the NFL and the players. But in today's world of it always being someone else's fault, we'll never acknowldege that fact.
Funny... I know two people who drafted into NHL hockey... one that actually played for some time. NEITHER of them were like that. Maybe it is just the sport... or the fact that REGARDLESS of what others say, people STILL have to take personal responsibility for thier actions.

And I am sorry... a football player occupies about 9 inches more space height wise, and about 5 inches in width... outside of that, there is no difference in what kind of "space" he occupies. Wrong is wrong. Sleeping with another guys wife or girlfriend is wrong. Period. No excuses. DUI... wrong. Period. The problem is not that we don't understand, its that there are a few people who don't care. Even so, it doesn't make it right... no matter the excuse.
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