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Default Re: Ricky Williams Tests Positive For Pot Again

"Thanks for the grammar lesson that i COULDN'T care less about."

There ya go! You got it. Doesn't it feel nice actually saying what you mean, and not saying the exact opposite? People do it all the time, its all good. (There's a difference between that, and abbreviating the word "you") Anyway, Henry and Pacmans incidents are "Way" different. That person could have easily died in Las Vegas, and Henry could have killed somebody driving drunk, or with his guns he was illegally carrying, etc. Players break the law, Ricky's not the first, or last. They're people, shit happens. Of course the NFL doesn't condone Ricky's lifestyle or certain choices, but the point was, someone mentioned this should be a "no-brainer" for the Commish based on his decision with their cases, and I'm saying this is a totally different degree of offense. I'm also confused by the numbers, in terms of what Ricky owes, and how he's supposed to reimburse the Dolphins. There are a lot of question marks to this saga, and has to be one of the most bizarre in NFL history.
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