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Default Re: Just made it back from the game

I myself live in boise idaho and we would go to this bar called the Players Club and a guy from Pittsburgh came in one time and had to take a picture of all of us.. He was shocked to see so many steelers fans in Idaho.. Personally i've been to games in Denver and Seattle and at both games the Steelers fans were out in full force.. I was completely amazed but I also believe that once a Steelers fan always a Steelers fan and they've been around a long time gathering the masses.. There's thousands of Steelers fans out there just hopin to break that 25 year streak of no Bowl win.. I'd have to bet there would be over 60 percent Steelers fans at the super bowl vs the other team if it came down to it.. Alot of new fans were born the day they saw Big Ben for the 1st time too.. Bandwagon'eers can't help themselves when they see a champ like Ben come along. But as for Pittsburgh fans making the drive to these games?? Some do.. But most reside in the towns surrounding the game just waiting there arrival.. Just wish there was a team in Idaho so i didn't have to go to Denver or Seattle to watch them.. :(
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