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Default Re: Pro Athletes Above The Law?

Originally Posted by Edman View Post
All celebrities are above the law.

Ever wondered why Paris Hilton hasn't been thrown in prison yet? Or why O.J Simpson was let off the hook? Or why Martha Stewart served only a paltry time in jail that the "common folk" would get years for?

It's just the sad truth.
Martha actually got a sentence that was within the federal sentencing guidelines for the crime of making false statements to the FBI of which she was convicted - the federal judge that sentenced her did not cut her any slack. In Martha's case $$$ got her nothing but a great lawyer representing a very guilty client whom he had tried to convince to enter a plea. Of course that case was brought by the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Southern District of NY (Manhattan) and not some local DA that runs a bait shop on the side.

And while OJ was guilty, chalk that one up to an incompetent prosecution/trial judge and a dim bulb jury that bought into Johnnie Cochran's race baiting rather then OJ's celebrity status; when Dan Petrocelli brought the civil case for damages based on the same facts he beat OJ like a rented mule and the jury found for the Goldman family.

It is all about the Benjamins and the resources to bring a case.
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