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Default Re: Dolphins reaction to Ted Ginn pick.

wow, I can't believe I didn't see this thread earlier. It's funny because I read a lot of Dolphins forums/opinion. Now that the dust has kinda cleared, the general consensus is that this was a good draft, and that the Fins did right by passing on Quinn. I agree, and maybe I'm just seeing things through my aqua and orange tinted glasses, but then I read on here how it was a ridiculous mistake, how Miami is a joke, season's over, games' outcome already being predicted, somehow Marino's name got thrown in. (Maybe some bitterness about the '83 draft) The video shows fans disagreeing with the coach's/GM's decision of the pick. So what? How do I, as a fan, know better than my GM/Coach who should be drafted? Especially Cam Cameron, who has some experience developing QBs (Philip Rivers/Drew Brees, etc) If anything, I'm glad our personnel didn't go with the popular/anticipated pick. Something previous regimes in MIA would have probably done. Remember the boo birds from Philly when they drafted McNabb instead of Ricky Williams? Look how that turned out. They did have Beck over Quinn from the beginning. It's true. Only 4 people knew they were gonna pass on Quinn. Coach, GM, Owner, Pres. Mostly because Beck's higher accuracy rating than Quinn's. There were a few teams who could have addressed a QB who passed on Quinn after MIA, so are they doomed too? The whole Ginn only being a punt returner thing is blown out of proportion. Cameron didn't say "we drafted a punt returner" he said "you're gonna enjoy watching this guy return punts". Because he's amazing at it, not because it's his only skill or ability. Miami ranked something like 21st in total offense last year, probably lower, so what other "need" should have been addressed? I guess if you don't pick a QB in the first round you haven't addressed you QB situation. NO! Is it a bad thing to have an explosive guy back there receiving kickoffs? You would think that would be an advantage in terms of field position. So why won't he be able to play receiver in the league? Surely he could possibly do both. Dante Hall, Wes Welker, a couple names that come to mind. Only Ginn's faster. If you haven't already, you should watch this video. You can see him playing returner AND receiver. (add the w):

Ginn got hurt during a celebration with teammates after returning an opening kickoff for a TD. I believe it was called a sprained ankle. To my knowledge it wasn't broken. Point is, by his own admission, he is around 90 percent, and team doctors believe he will be 100 by Training Camp. Hopefully. It's early people. Football is in the air. You can smell it. But it's way early to be predicting the results of the draft, or a player's success in the league. We have to wait and see how these players pan out. 'Livinginthepast' of all people can attest to the fact that it doesn't matter what round a QB is selected. His boy Brady was a fifth rounder. He turned out ok.
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