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Default Here's a funny one...

Ok, so the Cincy announcers before Sunday nights game said that the Bengals fans travel to away games the same was the Steelers do if not better. They were talking about how many Steelers fans went to Jacksonville last year and said they were predicting equal or more Bengal fans there.
lol...when I watched Sunday nights game...I maybe saw 10 total Bengal fans in the stands....then you look at what the Steelers did to SD...everytime you saw a shot of the crowd...there were Steelers fans every where!!!! They couldn't even keep us out of their stadium making us buy tickets to 2 other games.
Now you Bengal fans can say all you want about this improved Bengals team, that's fine (the true fans deserve to be happy for once...but you might want to let the idiots you guys have for announcers know that you will never compare to Steelers fans across the nation....I don't care how improved you are or how well you do!!!! This is the kindof crap that pisses me win 4 games and all these people that used to diss the Bengals every chance they had (yes, even you announcers) now think you guys have the best franchise and fans on the planet!!!
Ok sorry for my little rant, but it is so rediculous in Ohio right now, I can't stand it!
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