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Default Re: Pro Athletes Above The Law?

Jeremy,the fans are not at fault for a player's actions.

If you go out and shoot someone,am I at fault because we post on the same message board?Hell no.

I have a ton of Steelers merchandise,but if one of the players breaks the law,I didn't enable it.They were going to break the law regardless of if they were playing professional footbball or working a cash register at a gas station.

The people to blame for the athletes and other celebrities are not the public that watch the games,movies,television shows,or listen to thier music.It's the judges and juries that let these people get off easy with probation that most can violate and recieve little or no punishment.It's the coaches is middle school,high school,and college that get the teachers to change the poor grades so the guys can play (and the teachers that give in).It's the boyfriend that doesn't kick the athlete's ass when he find out the athlete was banging his girl.It's the boosters that give the athletes money they did not earn.

I went to Euclid High School in Euclid,Oh for my freshman-junior years.That high school is known for having a very good championship caliber football team,a championship caliber wrestling team,and has always had one of the best baseball teams in Northeast Ohio.There were teachers there who would change grades at a coaches request so a player wouldn't become inelligable.But a lot of teachers refused to do so,because they didn't want to enable that behavior in those athlete students.

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