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Default Re: Need some help please!

Originally Posted by ARKIESTEEL View Post
We once was hunting very close to a road useing a truck window as a rest (back when I was in high school)........ok we was spot lighting well any way we shot this huge buck I mean it was big......ok realy it was a doe well she went down and we all jumped out of the truck and took hold of her and threw her in the truck and down the road we go. Well I guess she (the doe) must have fainted cause I am sitting in the middle with the back glass open and I look back and she is sitting up looking at me thru the glass. I freak out my buddy who is driveing slams on the breaks the other buddy jumps out with a 9mm pistol and shoots the deer and the truck all full of holes. I think he fired 15 or so shots 4 hit the deer the other 11 went into the truck

Now boys and girls you should never drink and hunt, or drink and drive and hunt, or drink drive hunt and play with guns. Maybe when your drunk redneck freinds come over you should just stay home.

O to be young again
You better hope Jack Lambert isn't monitoring this message board. Sounds like you broke enough laws to land in jail for a while.

Not sure if it was mentioned or not but we always grind the majority of our venison into hamburger and add about 1/3 bacon to the mix. Other than the tenderloin, venison tastes much better this way IMO.
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