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Default Re: Last season of the Sopranos!

Powerful episode with great moments such as Tony trying to get Carm to agree it was a relief Chris was dead (first you try to get your wife to blow her real estate nest egg on the Jets & then try to get her to agree it is good her cousin who has left a wife and baby behind is dead - that marriage is sunk)

With Christopher gone (it was a nice twist to have his death occur at the beginning of the episode with consequences to follow rather than have the episode end cliffhanger style as the SUV rolled over) the clear line of attack on Tony is Phil - question is whether one of Phil's capos pulls the trigger on Tony or Paulie flips now that he is estranged again due to the low turnout for the wake & takes Tony deep sea fishing. The asbestos now gives the Feds the predicate act for the RICO charge, so the other pincer is federal prosecution.

With three episodes to go my bet is A.J. dies next through suicide - cannot put that off until the last episode (which is when Tony either gets whacked or enters the witness protection program for a life of taking hallucinogens & watching sunsets in the Southwest) so that may be the end of next week - cannot wait.
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