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Default Re: Dolphins reaction to Ted Ginn pick.

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
cameron is known for developing qb talent. word is they liked him as a better long term prospect, especially because of his accuracy. the dolphins knew he would be there for him in the 2nd.

a. schein and s. wilcots have had a great ongoing debate on this since the draft. wilcots is one of the few who had ginn jr. in the top 10 in his mock draft and brady quinn outside of the top 10. him and merrill hoge constantly fall back on their film study and say the eye in the sky dont lie. sure you can coach mechanics, but like speed, you cant coach accuracy.

way before the draft there was a feeling brady was trying to hide something to keep his stock up, by not participating in the sr. bowl or combine. for all his talk that he was the best and should be #1, a true competitor would want to go out and prove it at every opportunity.

another positive for ginn jr is the reports are the new coaching staff were really displeased with what they saw out of chambers in the OTA's
Current Miami Dolphins quarterbacks coach Terry Shea worked out Quinn, helping him to prepare the passer for the draft. He also worked out Beck prior to the draft. After factoring in Shea's hands-on evaluation of these two players, the Dolphins elected to pass on Quinn with the No. 9 overall pick. They selected Beck with the 40th overall pick instead.

obviously there was something about quinn he couldn't hide.
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