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Default Re: 40,000 tix sold for London NFL Game

Of course, for such an internationalization of the NFL to be feasible, a number of logistical hurdles would have to be cleared. Time zone differences as far as TV scheduling is concerned, for instance - a hardcore fan like me would have no problem getting up at 2 AM Sunday morning to watch a game the Steelers are playing in London, but what about a game in Sydney, which is almost a full 24 hours ahead of where I am in the States (Mountain Time)? Not to mention the millions of casual fans that wouldn't go through the trouble.

And then there is of course the problems of international travel - would they bring SST back for the required trans-Atlantic and trans-Pacific flights? And also the concern of jet lag for the players - it would be pretty rough on a team like the Giants to go play a game in Tokyo in that regard.

And then there is the question of quality control - how many more international teams would be added to the existing NFL, and what effect would that have on the talent pool? I can only help but think that the league would certainly become watered down at some point and the overall quality of play to suffer.

Suffice it to say I would eventually like the NFL to become international at some point, but that point is a ways down the road.
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