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Default '07 Rookie of the Year

Last year Tony did a post draft prediction of who would win Rookie of the Year honors. I don't remember seeing a thread about speculations for this year. Here goes..

Robert Meachem NO: With all the weapons that offense has (veteren quarterback, amazing thunder/lightning backfield, dynamo sophomore wideout) I see a lot of opprotunities for Meachem to get lost in the secondary. Even if Joe Horn wasn't shipped off he probably would have been hurt by week 2 and their other options (Copper, Henderson) aren't amazing options. His height, 6'3, and speed, 4.45 40, means he has the body to make it at this level. It also helps that he set records at Tennessee and led the SEC last year with 105.4 yards per game.

Paul Posluszny BUF If it wasn't for a suspect knee he, more than likely, would have entered the draft last year, coming off a Butkus award season. He'll be playing WLB, but showed last year at PSU he can play ILB, too. With the departure of Fletcher-Baker the LB core in Buffalo needs a playmaker. He has great leader qualities and will do well putting the hurt on Maroney twice a year for the next decade or so (sorry LITP, had to do it).
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