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Default Re: Here's a funny one...

Originally Posted by bigbensgirl7
Ok, so the Cincy announcers before Sunday nights game said that the Bengals fans travel to away games the same was the Steelers do if not better. They were talking about how many Steelers fans went to Jacksonville last year and said they were predicting equal or more Bengal fans there.
Classic loser mentality, permeating even into the announcers booth. Cincy has such a "second class citizen" inferiority complex that even the commentators at their football games try to wishfully will their past troubles away by boasting of things that just aren't true. You know a good way to sum all this up? The Bengals mark the Steelers games on their calendars, because for teams of their ilk, where playoff dreams are no more than visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads, the Steelers games are like their Super Bowl every year. The Steelers have bigger fish to fry.

P.S. (For Bunghole Brian) The above IS smack talk.

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