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Default Re: What is it w/ us and home field in the playoffs?

Originally Posted by Steelersfan
On the other hand "how many wins he got at home in the AFC championship?" That would be a big 1. The only common piece here is the coach. I'm telling ya, I like Cowher but I think he his stubborn and doesn't like to change things up. You have to do that to win in the playoffs! He plays not to lose games when he should be playing to win them. The FG at the start of the 4th quarter is a case in point. You are down by 14 so what does a FG do? Not a thing but show the Pats we aren't willing to take the chance to win.
yo steelers fan, just try to be a head coach.dont even think u will be half as good as cowher. its always easy to try and coach a team on the computer.

It was dumb mistakes, turnovers and penalties that hurt us
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