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Default This Moron Says Big Ben is the #1 Overhyped Player In The League

I never heard of this site but I got an email from a friend and it said he had a list of the ten most overhyped players in the league and he had Ben #1 here is what he said and the link to the site if you want to read the rest of the list. This guy is a complete Ahole

1- ?Medium? Ben Roethlisberger

The stats will do the talking for me on this one:

AFC Divisional Playoffs: 17-30 181 Yards 1 TD 2 INT (one ran back for a TD)
AFC Championship: 14-24 226 Yards 2 TDs 3 INT (one ran back for a TD)
Steelers vs. Patriots 05 12-28 216 Yards 2 TDs

In the three most important games of his career he has come up anything but
?Big?. While others want you to believe the Steelers are winning because of Ben the
truth is they are winning in spite of him. The stat that I normally use to clearly illustrate
my point is that they Steelers ran the ball 62% of the time last year which would make it
easy on any QB especially a rookie whose only job is to make an occasional throw off
play action. The new stat to clearly illustrate my point that Ben is nothing but a place
holder in the Steelers offense is he has only thrown the ball more than 25 times in 3 of
18 starts. The times he has been called upon to win games he has blown them. You
would think after 18 starts he would be comfortable in the pocket, but ask defensive
coordinators and they will tell you he has happy feet and becomes rattled if his first
read is covered. It is more impressive to me when a Carson Palmer, Eli Manning, or
Drew Brees takes a team that is on the downslide and bring them up as oppose to a
QB who is just a caretaker to a team that was already good. On top of that there has
been several published reports that Ben?s ego has gotten bigger than his game. His
refusal to wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle even though that is his decision
shows that he is more about Ben then he is about team. In 10 years when they are
talking about the great QBs that came out in the years 2000-2005 his name will not be
among them and if you do not believe that then you really cannot handle the truth
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