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Default Re: This Moron Says Big Ben is the #1 Overhyped Player In The League

Opinions are like ARSEHOLES, everyone's got one...


Stats aren't THE ONLY measuring stick by which everyone is measured.

Sure he had a couple of bad games last year. But just because we didn't go to the SB partly because of BR's ROOKIE mistakes, does that make him overhyped?

I think NOT

Just because he comes into the League and gets drafted by a SOLID team that doesn't rely as heavily on QBs as other sytems, doesn't automatically take away from his ability.

BR's never gonna be a Manning or a Marino, not with us anyway (I admit I can't see into the future). But don't say he's overhyped just because he's not bringing a team out of the dumps or puttiing up 49 TD's.

The guy's only played 20 games! Give him a chance to play for 15 years and then make a decision on weather he was overhyped.

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