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Default Offseason of Discontent

Looks like we can add Trent Green to the disgruntled players' club:

QB Green says he's done with Chiefs wire reports

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (May 22, 2007) -- Angry and frustrated because his deal with Miami has been held up, Trent Green practiced with Kansas City while insisting he has no plans to ever play for the Chiefs again.

It's a situation the two-time Pro Bowl quarterback finds very uncomfortable.

"It's not only awkward for me and my family, but it's awkward for the guys in the weight room, in the locker room, on the practice field," he said. "I'm here every day. People ask, 'What's going on?' Guys don't know how to react to me, how to treat me."

Green, who will turn 37 in July, was one of the NFL's most productive quarterbacks from 2001-05, but sustained a severe concussion in the opener last season and did not play well when he returned for the second half of the season. He had three turnovers in a lopsided playoff loss to Indianapolis.

When he was asked in February by Chiefs president Carl Peterson to restructure his contract and take a reduced role, he asked for permission to find another team.

Miami worked out a contract with Green, but the Chiefs and Dolphins have been at odds over compensation, with Miami offering a sixth-round draft choice and Peterson insisting on a fourth-round pick.

The standoff has escalated with Green's agent saying Green would not play for the Chiefs again. Peterson fired right back, saying he was prepared to keep the veteran as a backup and pay his guaranteed salary this year.

Head coach Herm Edwards has said several times he would give second-year man Brodie Croyle every chance to seize the job. He also said as recently as May 21 the competition between Green, Croyle and Damon Huard would be fair -- that everybody would be given the same opportunity to win the job.

"He's always very careful to put a disclaimer at the end and say, 'But everybody's going to be equal, everybody's going to have the same number of reps,' " Green said. "He's the head coach. He can do what he wants.

"But I've been in the league long enough and when you see those comments over the course of several months and you see the way the reps are going to work out, and you see what Brodie's making, what Damon was re-signed for and what I'm making, it's not a fair competition. It's a weighted competition."

If a deal is not worked out, would he retire before staying with the Chiefs, especially as a backup?

"I really haven't had that discussion with my wife or my family and I haven't had that discussion with my agent because I'm still banking on the fact that the deal that was made back in February or March, that they would get the trade done," he said. "I guess when that time comes, then I'll have to cross that bridge."

At Miami, Green would probably serve as a caretaker while the Dolphins groom John Beck of Brigham Young, who was selected in the second round of the 2007 NFL Draft.

There has been speculation Miami will trade or release Daunte Culpepper, who is still hobbled by a 2005 knee injury. Culpepper played only four games last season and has yet to receive medical clearance to participate in minicamp next month.

Miami head coach Cam Cameron was Green's quarterback coach at Washington, and Terry Shea, Green's longtime quarterback coach in Kansas City who was fired at the end of the season, has also wound up with the Dolphins.

Green said the Dolphins had not promised he would start.

"They haven't said, 'You're the guy, come right in,' " he said. "They haven't told me one way or another. I just know I would have a much more fair chance, for my mind. Because here, it's obviously weighted."

The Chiefs have two more practices this week and then three next week before a mandatory three-day minicamp June 1-3. Green said if he's not in Miami, he will take part.

"Players and coaches alike have come up to me and said, 'We support you. What's going on is wrong,' " he said. "I've had to step back because I don't even know my role. There's an awkwardness there."
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