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Default Re: You are the Steelers GM.....

i would really need more info on this bizarre hypothetical, like what is our cap situation and the contractual status on our back ups.

if the options are either a) or b) you gotta look at who we would be most successful with next year if either pair were hurt. although i have full confidence in charlie batch, i dont have 6 years of confidence in him.

i think ben and hines being off the team next year would hurt worse than troy and faneca. being that the steelers already seem to accept the fact that they are moving on w/o faneca that is probably the direction i would lean in, although you dont replace the best guard and safety in the game, just like that.

a smart gm will find a way to go with the youth and upside. ben has the most upside, and the highest trade value.

ben and hines
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