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Default Re: Ohio State's problems...

Originally Posted by Suitanim
I'm sorry, but holding the Bucks to 7 points just doesn't happen without an offensive implosion. If you recruit top 5 talent every year, and run a spread offense with elite team speed you should be hanging at least a couple TD's and a couple FG's on any and all comers...if you aren't, you have to look at your own internal problems first.

Nothing against PSU, again, but OSU should be scoring more points against them than Northwestern or Cincinnati.

Well, it is past the half way point of the season and the Defense has gelled...If you watched the game, both Defenses stepped up and made unbelievable plays. It wasn't as if OSU didn't have any chances. Ginn was covered like a blanket, as were most of the recievers. That's why Smith wasn't releasing as fast. ANd, when he did get flushed out of the pocket, he got chased down by the best linebacker in the Big 10 (no disrespect to the OSU linebackers)

Plus the PSU D shut down the passing game early and they were forced to try and run it, which is PSU's main strength, run defense. OSU did much of the same. What would this game have been like if Lowry didn't return an interception to the goalline?

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