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Default Re: You are the Steelers GM.....

Originally Posted by Livinginthe past View Post
You are in a hypothetical situation where you have to make a choice about the direction of the Steelers franchise which boils down to taking one of two options (for arguments sake there are no other options available)

1. Sign Ben R. to a 6 year deal and Hines W. to a new 3 year cap friendly contract

Lose Faneca and Troy Polamalu to FA in 2008

2. Sign Faneca to a 5 year deal which makes him the highest paid guard in football and Troy to a deal that makes him the highest paid safety in football.

Lose Faneca to FA in 2008 and Ben in 2010.

Which deal do you make?
This is hard.

I voted for Ben and Hines, but the other option is definetly viable.

I mean its either the best Guard and best Safety or a possesstion receiver and second tier quarterback.

The only problem is that the QB position is SO hard to replace, so I had to go with Ben/Ward.

Despite losing two of the best players in the league, you need that foundation. Ben's the rock.
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