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Default Re: Steelers Release Veteran Punter Chris Gardocki

Man, pretty brutal on ol' Chris today...

He'll retire. Where can he go from here... I can see it now...

September 23, 2008. Father/Son Football Game An Overall Success
The father and son football game at Hobbesville Elementary School last night would be hard pressed to rival the AFC playoff game between the Colts and the Steelers in 2006, but it was a hit, nonetheless.

The game was going well until a mix-up in the second quarter caused a twenty minute hiatus in play. The escalation occured when 3' 6" 3rd grader Billy Tompkins slipped through the line on Fourth and 5 and blocked former Super Champion Chris Gardocki's punt, the first time the NFL Punter had been blocked. What happened next was tragic.

The former Pro panicked and the results were not pretty.

"He just didn't know what to do," recalls father John Granderson, "he was acting on pure instinct and adrenaline."

Gardocki, realizing what had happened, picked up the loose ball and began looking for blockers, not realizing that in this particular casual game the ball is considered dead after a block. After what occured next, the 103 people in attendence soon realized why the rule was implemented.

"We don't want anyone to get hurt," said Assistant Principal, and fill in Linebacker Gram Reaves, "So after a blocked kick... or punt... or fumble... we don't want a pileup, we whistle the ball dead."

Gardocki did not hear the whistle, though and began charging toward the endzone, giving a hard stiff arm to 2nd grader Nigel Thorington, sending the youngster to the ground with a shrill scream. Fortunately, the child is in stable condition at Hobbesville Regional Hospital near the Dairy Queen on Grant Street.

After eluding Thorington he ran lowered his shoulder into overweight 3rd grader Tubbs Norrington, while the little chubber was attempting to pour a cup of Gatorade near the sideline. The boy, surprised by the impact, and too fat to catch his balance, fell into the cooler and knocked the refreshing beverage onto a nearby elderly woman in a wheelchair. The woman was not harmed, but, according to eyewitness accounts can not get the smell of Riptide Rush off of her throwover.

Gardocki dashed into the endzone after a 56 yard dash of terror with a trail of pursuing parents and a wake of destruction behind.

"We couldn't get the ball off of him," recalled Reaves. "He had this crazy look in his eye. You know like the kind of look a pitbull has when you try to take its bone, or some fat guy at the Ponderosa who won't give up a chicken wing. He kept screaming 'that kid came out of nowhere! That kid came out of nowhere!' It was f*cking scary."

Gardocki began to calm after he vomited and soiled himself, but would still not let go of the ball.

"It was the only one we had," Reaves recalled. "My wife had to take the Buick to Dick's and buy a new one. It took like a half hour. It's probably for the best, though, he had throw up all over the damn thing."

Gardocki recovered on "The Time Out Bench" with two second graders who were forced to sit out a quarter after spitting on each other. His son, however, did not want to continue after the tragedy and waited, embarrassed, in the Escalade until his father was alright to drive.

"You have to feel for the guy," said Granderson. "He's not used to that... Did you know that he had never been blocked? I didn't know that."
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