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Default Re: You gotta go deep in this league

Its a nice article - I guess it underpins a basic fact of NFL life - and that is you are going to get injuries - its how you deal with them that defines your season.

Having a vet QB is a very nice insurance, and the Steelers probably have one of the best 'policies' in Charlie Batch.

I know Belichick likes to have a vet on the roster at No.2 and a younger guy at No.3 - although this years No.2 will probably be Cassell and his No.3 (if we have one) will be Testeverde.

High quality back-up RB's tend to be a fluke of circumstance in my opinion - maybe you have a proven older guy (who is a year or two from retirement) and a high round draft pick to back him up.

But this situation is not typically sustainable for any great length of time - eventually the rookie wants more playing time and the vet gets pushed out the door (Dillon, T.Jones, Priest Holmes) - and it could be awhile before the next high quality back up appears on the roster.

Football intelligence and versatility are two key components in the make up of any football player that the Patriots tend to invest in - if a guy is capable of mentally assimilating enough information to be able to play 2 or 3 positions then it increases the effective size of your 53 man roster.

Betts is a nice guy to have as back up - you have to think that he will want his contract redone if/when Portis retires and he become 'the man'.

If San Diego have truly turned down a 1st rounder for Turner then they have made a mistake - the mistake of putting all your eggs in one basket or buying into the 'window of opportunity' theory.

High levels of highly rated 'sexy' talent (the guys who get to the probowl) is very difficult to sustain - eventually alot of these guys begin to believe their own publicity - some even want to prove they can get it done on another team just to feed their ego.

San Diego has more of this type of talent than any other team in the NFL.

So depth is a major key in success - but to alot of fans is not very visible - fans want the guys who rack up big FF points not guys who can step into the line up with hardly a blip in the output of the team.

As Kirwan says, you can't tick all of the boxes - just as many as possible.
They've been great for a while now, three Super Bowls' worth of great. But only this season have the New England Patriots become The Show, the must-see team of stars, pretty boys and reformed bad boys. Suddenly, the Patriots are not simply great; they're compelling, fascinating, appearing to be almighty and a touch lawless.
The Patriots didn't bother with swagger to start this NFL season; they went straight to defiant. Either you're one of them or you're about to get crushed.
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