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Default Re: Will Roethlisberger be cashing in early?

Nice how Ed.B. worked the lead that Ben yet again blew off a request for an interview ("passed the word"? - through who, the clubhouse towel guy?) in the context of going to play golf with another high priced Pittsburgh athlete. Sounds like 2006 has not humbled Ben too much and that he still has a lot of diva in him.

I had forgotten Kordell got re-signed in 1998 with more than 1 year to go on his contract; the Steelers did not repeat that mistake when Kordell pushed for another early renegotiation after 2001.

It is all well and good that everyone "agreed" there would not be a renegotiation for Ben until 2008, but I bet if Ben's 2006 had been an improvement over or at least the same as 2004-05 that there would be serious discussions right now.

I agree with LITP that the Steelers are looking for a big 2007 out of Ben before opening up the vault - it may cost them some $$ but IMHO there is still some uncertainty if Ben is closer to a cosnsitently great Tom Brady/Peyton (I am not saying as great as, just in the neighborhood) or closer to a flash in the pan Kurt Warner/Kordell.
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