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Default Re: Steelers' Alan Faneca: I'll Play Devil's Advocate

As much as I resent Faneca airing his "Beef" in public, I think we have to look at his side of the issue. 1) It seems he was led to believe that one of his Coaches was going to replace Cower. 2) It seems he was led to believe that he would be rewarded for his effort come contract time. 3) He bought in to Cowher's Team philosphy and always showed up to play. 4) He never showed any sign of anything but loyalty in the past. 5) Team leaders are not a dime a dozen. With others gone (Porter, Hartings, Bettis and others) who is going to take Alan's place?

As Steelers fans, we should hope (and pray) that things could be worked out, because he is a vital part of the Steeler's successes over the 8 years he has been in Pittsburgh.

Who is on the team or available that can fill his pro-bowl shoes? We should try to get the team to work things out long term rather than crucifying him for wanting a fair and equitable contract. Like it or not, good linemen are hard to find. Just ask the Browns!
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