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Default Re: STARCRAFT 2!!!!!

Originally Posted by Livinginthe past View Post
Yeah its alot of fun.

Looking at the trailer - it looks like the same 3 groups are available, the Terrans, The Alien brood and Templars.
Terran, Zerg, and Protoss. Nice try, but way off on those last two.

But ya, those are the only three available again, which isn't really a bad thing since they are being almost completely revamped. If you watch that 22 minute gameplay video, you'll see how different the Protoss are.

Originally Posted by verks36 View Post
I spend so many hours playin that amazing game whith like the purple smiemy stuff on teh ground
Originally Posted by verks36 View Post
Can you give me a link to the trailer. Thanx

PS. Templars were cool i forgot all about them they raped with like firing blue balls out of there head
Wow, please stop talking.
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