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Default The Republicans have sold out America.

Bush is selling out America for the Latino vote.

This country had better start paying attention to what their leaders are doing. You're about to be blindsided with the most ridiculous piece of legislation ever to come out of Congress and the majority of Americans think it's a good thing.

Listen up folks, I live in Tucson, Arizona. That's basically ground zero for immigration debate. Let me tell you right here and now that you do not want this bill to pass. These people are like locusts. If you think Social Security is in trouble now. Wait until we have millions of formerly illegal immigrants sucking the life out of the system. These people don't make America better. I beg each and every one of you, see through the PC bullshit and contact your Senators and Congressmen today and tell them they'll lose your vote if they pass this first step to the complete and total destruction of America.

Dick Morris explains why this is all about politics and not what's actually best for America.
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