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Default Re: Will Roethlisberger be cashing in early?

Originally Posted by TackleMeBen View Post
maybe he was jealous that he didnt want to depart with his money as ben did. (dont kill me for saying that.) i always think its a good thing when a public figure does something good for the less fortunate. We always hear about the bad stories, when there are many good stories that dont get told about high profile people actually trying to do something good. And if I were Ben at the time I would have told Cope to stick.
I think Cope had a problem with Ben tooting his own horn for it, rather than the act of donating his playoff game paycheck itself. I have to admit it does make a person look somewhat disingenuous - it makes it look like they had alterior motives for donating the money in the first place. It almost makes that person look like they donated money just to generate pub for themselves rather than to genuinely help those in need.
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