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Default Re: The Republicans have sold out America.

Originally Posted by Jeremy View Post

Yes there is, it's called enforcing the laws on the books. I'm so tired of people trying to make this is a complicated issue. If you're here without a green card/visa/etc, you're here illegally and shoudl be arressted and sent back to wherever it is that you came from. What the Republicans are trying to do right now is win the hearts and minds of the Latino community by buying them off with this bill. It's a disgrace.
And how exactly do we arrest 20,000,000 people and send them home? And how will we pay for it? And who will take the yucky jobs that these people do? And how will we keep more from coming in while we are busy getting rid of the ones who are here now? And what do we do if 20,000,000 people start rioting? Shoot them? Barring shooting them, and not being able to ship them home, do we imprison them? If so, what do we do with our current prisoners?

I'd say it's pretty complicated.
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