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Default Re: Steelers' Alan Faneca: I'll Play Devil's Advocate

1) It seems he was led to believe that one of his Coaches was going to replace Cower.

I highly doubt when Cowher told the Rooneys of his desicion to leave the Steelers that they ran to Alan Faneca asking him who he thought should be the new head coach.The media made it sound like it would be Whiz or Grimm.The media falsley reported Grimm was the choice.They didn't lead anyone to believe anything,the sensationalist media did all of that.

2) It seems he was led to believe that he would be rewarded for his effort come contract time.

And if he wasn't so pigheaded and money-grubbing,he would be.He turned down a very lucrative offer that kept the good of the team in mind.Faneca obviously doesn't care about the TEAM,only HIMSELF.

3) He bought in to Cowher's Team philosphy and always showed up to play.

As was required by his signed name at the bottom of the contract he signed.If he didn't show up,he would have been fined out of the ass.

4) He never showed any sign of anything but loyalty in the past.

So it was loyalty that caused him to bitch and moan when Ben Roethlisberger had to start in place of the injured Tommy Maddox in 2004.It was loyalty when he aired his displeasure with the Rooney's desicion to hire Mike Tomlin.And it was also loyalty when he took his gripe with his contract status public instead of addressing the Rooneys in private of the matter.

His showing up and playing hard was part of the job,not loyalty.In the NFL and the real world these days,people are only loyal to themselves.

5) Team leaders are not a dime a dozen. With others gone (Porter, Hartings, Bettis and others) who is going to take Alan's place?

People leave,it's a reality in the free agent-salary cap world of the NFL.You cannot keep everyone.Alan has always lead by his play,obviously not by his mouth.Ben is stepping up to be more of a leader.Troy is a leader by example (an example Faneca needs to take a look at).Townsend provides much veteran leadership.With Porter gone,Hampton has already said he's looking forward to being more of a vocal leader on this team.

Also,we have the ultimate new leader in Mike Tomlin.It seems all the players with the exception of Faneca are buying into his philosophies which aren't much different from Cowher's.He seems to be a better teacher than Cowher was.

So I think from a leadership standppoint,we'll do just fine.

Congrats to the 2009 Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins
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