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Default Re: Kemo to replace, Simmons???

Everyone's taking this as a bad thing, but if Kemo's been doing better than Simmons in practice, why not? put him in the 3rd and 4th quarter, or even start him in a game, and if he buckles, put Simmons back in, but why not give the kid the chance to step up? I figure the sooner he gets reps in, the sooner he can become a Pro Bowler :P I think I predicted this in a thread during preseason right after the Dolphins game and I also talked about Okobi replacing Hartings, which I think was shown in the Pats game against Seymour...

I just like the idea of a 6th rounder starting and doing well :P

P.S. If Chris ends up starting at OG, that means he could be playing head to head against his brother twice a year for as long as they both stay with their teams and start... wouldn't that be some sibling rivalry?
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