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To Tom Van Wyhe and his defense of Faneca. I have always been told there are 3 sides of a story. Their side, your side, and the truth. The average person that works in a corporation last 4 years and makes around 60k a year. All feel and think they worked hard and had the best interest of the company yet were kicked to the curb in the end. Faneca has lasted twice the amount of time and has made more jack in one year than any normal guy could hope to make in 20 or 30 years. My understanding is that Faneca will be paid close to 5 million dollars this year. It is beyond my comprehension in understanding Faneca feeling disrespected or not appreciated. Why complain? Go out and have a hell of a year and then cash in big time next year by signing with some team who will never get close to getting to the SB. Faneca will get his money and Faneca, in a couple of years, will then become a footnote in football history. I believe almost any player would rather play on a winning team and make less money than make more money and play on a loser of a team---especially when the player is making millions in the first place.
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