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Default Re: Steelers' Alan Faneca: I'll Play Devil's Advocate

Sorry but this may get difficult because my computer has been acting a lot like Faneca, even though it's been paid for and I pay the bill every month it's not working so good right now either(haha). Yes I can understand Faneca's point of view everyone can recognize that a player only has so many good years so he essentially has to make as much money in that time as he can. Now we have the real dilemma--a team or organazation wants to win superballs, a player wants paid, but alas, the dreaded salary cap. There'[s only so much money to go around to all the guys who think they deserve more so Alan needs to decide whether he wants to accept a little less money and shoot for the post-season and another chance at a ring. Or he can accept the alternative--go to a team that cqan afford to pay him the really big money--and fade into obscurity on a team that doesn't even sniff a post-season. His choice.
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